Hikari Betta Bio Gold 20g

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Hikari Betta Bio Gold

A Powerful Colour-Enhancing Diet developed after considerable research into the nutritional requirements of bettas.

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold has been developed after considerable research into the eating habits and nutritional requirements of bettas.

This floating pellet has been carefully balanced to meet the nutritional needs of your pet.

The inclusion of premium-select fish meal which provides a superior protein source, Astaxanthin, which helps enhance coloration, Grape Seed Extract (polyphenol), which has been shown to reduce the impacts of aging and Spirulina, which naturally offers a high concentration of usable vitamins, make this a daily diet perfectly suited for bettas and their high stress nature.

Optimally Balanced Nutrition Bettas Require

Contains Ingredients Uniquely Beneficial To Bettas

Floating Pellet
  • Allows easy monitoring of amount eaten
  • Helps eliminate over-feeding
  • Reduces water quality problems
  • More economical
  • Will not cloud the water

  • Expect Natural, Brilliant Colours
  • Rich in natural colour enhancers
  • Bio-Technology provides superior colour enhancement
  • Reduces colour fading

  • Contains Stabilised Vitamin C
  • Supports immune system health
  • Promotes a long, healthy life

  • Crude Protein Min 38%
  • Crude Fat Min 4%
  • Crude Fiber Max 3%
  • Moisture Max 10%
  • Ash Max 12%
  • Phosphorus .7%
  • Bacillus Subtilis min. 10,000 CFU/g

  • Feed two to four times daily the amount your fish will eat within a few minutes. Remove all remaining food after the feeding period to avoid over-feeding and the water quality problems associated with this action.

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