Hanna Ammonia Low Range Checker HC - HI700 test kit (Freshwater)

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Hanna Ammonia Checker is a accurate way to test your Aquarium. Its small accurate and easy to use.

Not recommended for Saltwater use.

Ammonia Low Range Checker HC - HI700

  • The Hanna Ammonia Low Range Checker bridges the gap between simple chemical test kits and professional instrumentation.
  • Chemical test kits have limited accuracy and resolution since they rely upon the human eye to discern differences in colour.
  • Professional instrumentation incorporates a light source such as an LED or tungsten lamp with a filter and a light sensing detector to precisely determine absorbance and ion concentration.
  • Professional instrumentation offers greater resolution and accuracy but can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • The Hanna Ammonia Low Range Checker uses a fixed wavelength LED and silicon photo detector to provide the accuracy of professional instrumentation at the affordable price of a chemical test kit.

  • Details
  • The HI700 Checker HC (Handheld Colorimeter) is a simple, accurate and cost effective way to measure ammonia.
  • Present in water as a component of the nitrogen cycle, ammonia is excreted from animals and other organisms such as heterotrophic bacteria, actinomycetes, and fungi during the metabolism of proteins and amino acids.
  • Generally present in small quantities in unpolluted waters, higher levels indicate organic pollution, and is toxic to aquatic life.
  • Designed as a more accurate alternative to chemical test kits, the HI700 provides quick, accurate results in four easy steps:

  • Ammonia
  • Ammonia Range 0.00 to 3.00 ppm NH3-N
  • Ammonia Resolution 0.01 ppm
  • Ammonia Accuracy ±0.05 ppm ±5% of reading
  • Ammonia Method adaptation of the ASTM Manual of Water and Environmental Technology D1426-92, Nessler Method. The reaction between ammonia and reagents causes a yellow tint in the sample.

  • Automatic Shut-Off after ten minutes of non-use
  • Battery Type/Life (1) 1.5V AAA
  • Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95% non-condensing
    Dimensions 81.5mm x 61mm x 37.5mm (3.2" x 2.4" x 1.5”)
  • Weight 64 g (2.25 oz.)
  • Photometer/Colorimeter Light Source LED @ 470 nm
  • Photometer/Colorimeter Light Detector silicon photocell
  • HI700 Checker is supplied with (2) sample cuvettes with caps, ammonia reagent starter kit for 25 tests (1 bottle of HI700A-0 reagent A and 1 bottle of HI700B-0 reagent B), battery, instructions.

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