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 *These are suggestions only if you are unsure, just ask one of our friendly staff*

 Snakes up to 30cm long (e.g. Hatchling/Baby

Pinkie Mice - 3cm

Fuzzy Mice - 4cm

Snakes up to 2 foot long (e.g. Juvenile)

Pinkie Rat - 5cm

Weaner Mice - 6cm

Fuzzy Rat - 7cm

Snakes up to 1 meter long (e.g. Adult Small Species)

Weaner Rat - 9cm

Hopper Rat - 10cm

Snakes up to 2 meters long (e.g. Young Adult Large Species)

Large Weaner Rat - 12cm

Small Adult Rat - 15cm

Snakes 2 meters and longer (e.g. Adult Large Species)

Medium Adult Rat - 16-17cm

Large Adult Rat - 18cm

Quail - 20cm+


Size/Species Examples:

Small Species - up to 1 meter Adult size


  • Stimson's
  • Childrens (Childreni)
  • Spotted Pythons


Large Species - 2 meters and larger Adult size


  • Carpet
  • Scrub
  • Black-headed
  • Darwin
  • Diamond
  • Olive
  • Green Tree
  • Jungle Pythons


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