Exo Terra Terrasky Planted Terrarium LED Light 12w Unit - PT2413

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The TerraSky Planted Terrarium Light is ideal for planted setups, paludariums and bioactive terrariums. 

The high intensity and enhanced penetration ensure that the light reaches all layers of the terrarium, resulting in sustained lush plant growth. Orchids, Bromeliads, Tillandsias (air plants), carnivorous plants, mosses and lichen all thrive under the TerraSky Planted Terrarium Light’s strong Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR).

The 120-degree light dispersion provides a nice even illumination and covers the complete area to avoid dark spots.

The waterproof housing of the TerraSky High output LEDs is rated IP54 for use in humid environments.

The extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on all Small & Medium Natural Terrariums, and other terrariums between 38 and 60 cm wide.


    With its 24 Bright White 6500K LEDs and 12 tricoloured RGB LEDs, the TerraSky offers a fully customisable light spectrum, capable of replicating various natural environments.

    The TerraSky Planted Terrarium Light comes with 11 presets (cloud cover, sunrise, sunset, moon, storm & lightning) and 6 different pre-programmed colour settings.

    The Remote Control also features 4 memory buttons to store your own customised settings.

    Lighting is key to the success of any terrarium. From a functional perspective, light quality affects plant growth. From an aesthetic view, healthier plants under better lighting means more visual enjoyment.

    The high visible light output of the TerraSky contributes to the physiological wellbeing of your reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates and lets them experience and perceive the colours in their environment more naturally.

    • Power: 12 watts
    • Item #: PT2413
    • Format (WxDxH): 38-61 x 7 x 2 cm
    • UPC code: 015561224130
    • For bioactive & planted terrariums
    • Stimulates live plant and moss growth
    • Fully adjustable light spectrum
    • RGB+6500K White high output LEDs
    • Wide coverage (120-degree light dispersion)
    • 11 preset weather effects
    • With Remote Control
    • For use in humid environments (IP54)


    For additonal information on installation, remote control instructions and maintenance please refer to the Exo Terra web page provided.


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