Electric Blue Yabby (No Online Purchases)

Appearance: The Electric Blue variant of the Yabby has a colour range from pale blue to deep electric blue.

Ideal Water Parameters:

  • pH: 7.0 - 8.0
  • General Hardness: 50 - 300 ppm
  • Temperature: 12°C - 20°C

Size: Can grow over 20 cm

Hardiness: Yabbies are hardy and can thrive in both cold and tropical water.


  • Digging and Plant Eating: Yabbies will dig and eat plants, making them unsuitable for display or plant tanks.
  • Territorial: Provide plenty of hiding places or "homes" to reduce territorial aggression. Good aeration is also required.
  • Colour Development: Full colour is usually attained at around 10-12 cm if the water is clean and clear.
  • Molting: During molting, they are vulnerable and can be eaten by other tank inhabitants. Lost limbs will regrow over the next few molts.

Sensitivity: Like other invertebrates, Yabbies are sensitive to copper treatments.


  • Scavengers: They will eat anything they find on the bottom of the tank.
  • Preferred Foods: Algae wafers and high-protein fish food pellets.

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