Eheim EHFI Torf Peat Pellets 1 Litre

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Eheim EHFI Torf Peat Pellets 1l to lower Ph and Carbonate Hardness for soft water fish like discus and L-Number Catfish.

  • Reduces Ph
  • Reduces Carbonate Hardness
  • Adds Humic Acids

  • The pH-value of mains water lies between 7,3 and 7,8 and is therefore slightly alkaline. However, most ornamental fish require acidic water – that is a pH-value under 7,0. EHEIM TORFpellets lower the pH-value and reduce the water hardness.

    A high quality peat moss, it acidifies the water, reduces carbonate hardness and enriches the water with essential humic acids.

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