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You can use EHEIM climacontrol+ to cool down the water temperature on hot days or warm it up on cold days, just as your aquarium inhabitants need it.

EHEIM climacontrol+ is our new electronically controlled climate control device. You simply set the ideal water temperature wirelessly - via smartphone, tablet, or PC/MAC. If the water is too warm, the unit automatically cools down, and if it gets too cold it warms up. The unit monitors and controls everything.

Also, it gives you advanced warning of any problems, such as if the required temperature is exceeded or undershot by 2 °C for more than 5 minutes, you receive a warning e-mail.

High outdoor temperatures often cause the aquarium water to overheat in summer. This is extremely harmful to fish and all other living creatures. For example if the temperature is too high, corals die in the marine aquarium, and in freshwater aquariums, oxygen deficiency and algae proliferation occur quickly.

EHEIM climacontrol+ is the optimal climate control device for aquariums. It has low energy consumption and works with environmentally friendly coolant.

There are three climate control devices available: S, M and L - for aquariums up to 500, 1000 and 2000 litres and come with a 3-year warranty.

Features of the EHEIM climacontrol+

  • Electronically controlled continuous flow climate control device with Wi-Fi functionality
  • Temperature setting and control over WiFi via smartphone, tablet, or PC/MAC
  • Cooling and heating mode
  • Constant regulation of water temperature
  • Temperature control of water in freshwater and marine aquariums
  • Precise temperature detection from 5 °C up to 35 °C
  • Switches on automatically above or below a set target temperature
  • Warning e-mail if temperature exceeds or falls below 2 °C for more than 5 minutes
  • Constantly displays the current water temperature when in operation
  • Use in the ambient temperature range from 10 °C to 38 °C
  • Very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly climate control devicewith ozone-friendly refrigerant (R290)
  • To be operated exclusively with clean (filtered) water; i.e. for marine aquariums via separate pump with water from the filter tank or for freshwater aquariums position behind the external filter (alternatively via separate pump with pre-filter directly from the aquarium)
  • There are three climate control devices: S, M and L - for aquariums up to 500, 1000 and 2000 litres
  • Made of High quality parts and materials, and comes with 3 years warranty

Important for marine water aquariums:
Optimum temperature for corals between 24 and 26 °C; above 29.5 °C they die.
Important for fresh water aquariums:
The temperature should always be below 30 °C. Above this temperature there is a risk of oxygen deficiency, inhibited plant growth, algae proliferation.

EHEIM climacontrol+ – the electronically controlled climate control devicewith WLAN function and many advantages

EHEIM climacontrol+ has the main task of cooling down the aquarium water when the temperature is too high. It provides both a cooling and a heating function.

In summer, high outside temperatures often lead to overheating of the aquarium water - e.g. in a small room that heats up quickly, in an attic flat, in sunlight, etc. Even in basins that are closed at the top so that the warmth from the lighting cannot escape, there is occasionally a build-up of heat.

EHEIM climacontrol+ offers WLAN function. The WiFi controller is used to set the optimum target temperature via smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC. As soon as the temperature exceeds or falls below the target value, the unit switches on and cools or heats the water until the target value is reached. The current water temperature is always displayed. If the set temperature is exceeded or undershot by 2 °C for more than 5 minutes, you will receive a warning e-mail.

EHEIM climacontrol+ is a continuous flow unit and should only be operated with clean (filtered) water. For marine water aquariums, this means with water from the filter tank (with a separate pump). In freshwater aquariums by placing it behind the external filter. (Alternatively, operation via a separate pump - but with a pre-filter - directly from the aquarium is also possible here).

EHEIM climacontrol+ works energy-efficiently and environmentally friendly. The refrigerant (R290) replaces ozone-depleting coolants and the global warming potential (GWP) is in the minimum range.

When positioning the unit, make sure that the ventilation openings are always kept clear. The distance to walls etc. should be at least 50 mm. In the base cabinet of an aquarium combination, for example, appropriate recesses must be provided for fresh air supply and warm exhaust air (for more details, see the operating instructions).

ATTENTION! The climate control device may only be stored, transported and operated in an upright position!

For aquariums up to approx. 2000L
Water flow max: 800l/h
Water flow min: 500l/h
Power consumption (heating mode): 300W
Power consumption (cooling mode): 400W
Hose diameter suction side (inside) 16/22mm / 19/27mm
Noise level / 80 cm (cooling mode): ~51 – 54 dB
Weight: 19.7 kg
Dimensions w x d x h: 310 x 310 x 531 mm
Packing: 1 Part (s)
WiFi: Yes
Manufacturer guarantee: 3 Year(s)
Freshwater: Yes
Sea water:  Yes
  • Item No: EH3752360
  • Barcode: 
  • Weight: 19Kg
  • Warranty: 3 Years Warranty
  • Dimensions: 31 x 31 x 53.1cm

  • Unit size: max. 400w for cooling, 300w for heating
  • Tank recommendation: 2000L
  • Min flow rate: 800l/h
  • Max Flow rate: 500l/h
  • Temperature Range: Precise temperature detection from 5 °C up to 35 °C
  • Hosing size: 16/22mm / 19/27mm

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