Eheim Air Pump 200 l/h Dual Outlet

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Eheim dampen the noise of the air pump by using rubber edging. Not only will this help silence the pump but it also keeps it in position without the effect of vibration movement. The air pump can sit horizontally or vertically by using a hook.

Comes complete with bubbling diffuser and Eheim has a unique modern design that looks great in an aquarium. Also includes airline to get you started.

  • Dual output
  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable air control
  • 200 l/h
  • Long service life, best quality
  • Airflow adjustable and controllable for the air outlet.

  • Extremely quiet and adjustable output. Fully equipped with air hose, diffuser and suction cups. EHEIM air pump is equipped with an eye for wall fastening and can also be safely mounted on the vibration resisting rubber edges in a traditional manner.

    • Item No: EH3702
    • Barcode: 4011708370117
    • Weight: 1.0Kg
    • Dimensions: 14.5 x 8.5 x 24cm 
    • Warranty: 
    • Suitable for: Freshwater and Marine
    • Outlets: Dual output
    • Power / power per outlet: 200 l/h
    • Power watts: 3.5w
    • Speed Control: Yes
    • Tank size: 
    • Max head height: 2m
    • EH7210148 - Eheim Air Pump Membrane Diaphragm with Schwingarm

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