Drosera Regia 'King Sundew' Live Plant - Tissue Culture


    Introducing the Drosera regia King Sundew Tissue Culture. This unique plant specimen brings the beauty of the King Sundew to your home or garden. It’s propagated through tissue culture for consistent quality and resilience. With its striking crimson tentacles and carnivorous nature, it’s a captivating addition to any plant collection. Order now and experience the allure of the King Sundew firsthand.

    Introducing the Drosera regia King Sundew Tissue Culture, a remarkable plant specimen that will captivate both gardening enthusiasts and botanical collectors alike. This unique offering brings the beauty and intrigue of the King Sundew (Drosera regia) right to your home or garden with the convenience and reliability of tissue culture propagation.

    The Drosera regia, also known as the King Sundew, is a carnivorous plant renowned for its elegant and striking appearance. With long, slender leaves adorned with crimson tentacles, it exudes an air of regal charm. As a member of the Drosera genus, it possesses remarkable adaptations to capture and digest insects, making it a fascinating addition to any plant collection.

    Our King Sundew Tissue Culture provides a cutting-edge approach to propagating and distributing these exceptional plants. Through tissue culture techniques, we have carefully nurtured and replicated the King Sundew’s genetic material, ensuring the preservation of its unique characteristics. This means that each plant produced through tissue culture maintains the same exquisite traits, ensuring consistent quality and a reliable growing experience.

    One of the greatest advantages of the King Sundew Tissue Culture is its resilience and adaptability. As a tissue-cultured plant, it arrives in a robust and healthy condition, ready to thrive in a variety of growing environments. Whether you prefer indoor cultivation in terrariums or outdoor placement in bog gardens, this plant is adaptable and can be successfully integrated into your preferred gardening setup.

    Not only does the King Sundew Tissue Culture possess exceptional beauty, but it also offers a captivating interactive experience. Watch as the crimson tentacles glisten with dew-like droplets, enticing unsuspecting insects to their demise. As they become ensnared, the plant’s sticky secretions aid in the absorption of vital nutrients, showcasing the fascinating world of carnivorous plants in action.

    By acquiring the Drosera regia King Sundew Tissue Culture, you become part of a community passionate about preserving these unique plant species. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a beginner, this tissue culture propagation method ensures accessibility to this rare and coveted plant. You can take pride in knowing that your King Sundew is sustainably sourced and contributes to the conservation of this captivating species.

    Unleash the allure of the carnivorous plant kingdom with the Drosera regia King Sundew Tissue Culture. Order yours today and witness the wonders of nature as these botanical marvels become the centerpiece of your plant collection or garden. Prepare to be enchanted by the beauty, complexity, and awe-inspiring predatory nature of the King Sundew.

    Tissue cultures are in a 5cm container - simply rinse gel and plant.

    Tissue Culture Plants have been grown in sterile laboratory conditions producing premium quality plants free from algae, pesticides and pests.

    Sold in food grade plastic pots, our Tissue Culture Plants are grown in a unique nutrient rich agar jelly. Easy to sell, the plants do not require watering and will continue to grow provided they are sealed and have sufficient light.

    Tissue Culture Plants will grow in fresh water aquariums, aquascapes and terrariums. Because of the wonderful qualities of these plants, they have grown, and continue to grow in popularity with Australian hobbyists.

    In ideal conditions, shelf life will be approx 4 weeks.

    Basic care instructions:

    • Do not remove lid or contamination will occur
    • Keep in well lit area
    • Storage temperate should not exceed 30°C

    How to Plant Tissue Cultures:

    • Set up a small container or bowl with some aquarium water 
    • Remove the tissue culture and gel by tipping the container upside down
    • Remove as many large chunks of gel either with your hand or tweezers
    • Use the water to loosen and remove as much gel as possible
    • Once as much of the gel has been removed, begin to plant the roots into your aquarium 
    • Tweezers are best used for planting - ensure the roots have been secured into soil to prevent the tissue culture from being uprooted 

    Scientific Name

    Drosera Regia


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