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Scientific Name:

Melanotaenia Duboulayi


Crimson Spot Rainbows – also known as the original Australian Rainbowfish – are a beautiful fish, most identifiable by the bright orange/red spot on the side of their gill. The colour of this fish can change quite considerably depending upon the exact location which they were caught. The colouration of the males will also change dependent upon dominance within their school and when they are trying to mate. They make an exciting addition to your tank as they are very upfront and energetic.


Found across the coastal drainages east of the Great Dividing Range all the way to Baffle Creek, between the cities of Bundaberg and Gladstone in Southern Queensland.

About me:

  • Grows to: 12cm
  • Temperature: 11-34° celcius
  • pH: 5.8-9.0
  • Temperament: Peaceful


Rainbows are a peaceful, schooling fish that are easily compatible with other species of Rainbows, other smaller native species like Gudgeons, catfish, and most larger peaceful tropical fish. Rainbows are a very fast fish and so do not always work out with small or slow fish as they can be a bit too much for them and can make it hard to feed. Can also be a bit nippy if tank mates have long flowing fins.  



  • Tropical Pellets
  • Tropical Flakes
  • Insect pellets/flakes
  • Frozen Foods



Is an energetic excitable fish that enjoys being in a school so will need a decent amount of free space for the entire school to be able to happily cruise around the tank.  Can be in a planted tank as long as the plants are not taking up too much space.

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