Continuum Aquatics ULNS Phos 500ml, for phosphate limited aquariums

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Continuum Aquatics ULNS Phos, for phosphate limited aquaria in Ultra Low Nutrient Systems

Continuum Aquatics ULNS Phos

Balanced phosphorus complex for phosphorus limited ulns marine reef aquaria

The Continuum advantage
ULNS Phos is a complex inorganic phosphorous source designed to promote natural nitrogen uptake and nutrient control in ultra low nutrient systems which are phosphate limited.

It provides an important nutrient source for nitrification and denitrification as well as proper nutrient assimilation.

It is recommended for use by advanced hobbyists.

Bleaching or coral tissue degradation may occur in ULNS systems where adequate nutrient content is not maintained.

ULNS systems depend on bacterial management of nitrogen in a balanced carbon and phosphorus environment which allows rapid uptake of excess dissolved organic compounds.

The conversion to bacterial biomass allows protein skimming to export unwanted nutrients that would otherwise build up in the system.

This recycling of nutrients requires that all necessary nutrients, i.e. nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon be present in concert.

Use in aquarium keeping.

For maximum results, Continuum recommends that you use this product with BacterGen M, BacterGen MD or BacterClean M to keep microbe levels at optimum, along with Reef Micro Fuel to replenish and accelerate the growth aerobic anaerobic, and facultative bacterial populations.

If nitrogen ( or nitrate ) levels are too low, then also use Continuum ULNS Nitro to boost them to the proper level. Caution, overuse or improper use of this product can promote unwanted algae growth!

Shake well immediately prior to use. Do not overuse!

Testing must be employed to use this product! First test nitrate and phosphate level.

If phosphate level is below detectable limits, proceed with use of this product.

Easy Calculations based on measured phosphate level: (Continuum recommends an phosphate level of 0.02 ppm in the aquarium.)

To increase the phosphate level .01 ppm in the aquarium, you will add 5 ml of ULNS Phos for every 25 gallons (100L) of aquarium capacity.

The calculation is: ml of product = tank capacity in gallons x PPM of phosphate addition x 20.0.

(Example: if you have a 100 gallon tank and you are raising the phosphate level by .01 ppm you would multiply 100 x .01 x 20.0 which equals 20.0 ml of ULNS Phos or about 4 capfuls).

Wait 24 hours and re-test Nitrate and Phosphate levels. If they are unchanged, then the system is carbon limited. In this case add Reef Micro•Fuel as directed on its bottle.

Repeat these steps until phosphate level reaches .02 ppm and Nitrate is 3.0 to 5.0 ppm. If phosphate level reaches .02 ppm and nitrate level is below 3.0 ppm, then add ULNS Nitro to bring it up.

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