Continuum Aquatics Bact-Rox Large 2 litre Bact Rox Filter Media

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Continuum Aquatics Bact-Rox Extra Large Bact Rox is a highly porous filter media and ideal in internal, hang on and canister filter systems.

Natural Bio Media Extra Large for Nitrate Removal.  

Bact Rox is an extremely porous filtration medium designed to be used in all aquariums and aquatic systems for bio-filtration.

Each litre of Bact Rox provides over 696 square meters of surface area internally for bacterial colonisation, providing for nitrification and vast amounts of anaerobic or anoxic surface area to foster denitrification.

Bact Rox will reduce the levels of toxic ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, as well as phosphates and organic pollutants in all aquaria.

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