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Scientific Name:

Puntius Titteya


Cherry Barbs get their name because of their beautiful bright red colouration along their body. Although they are a species of Barb they are more peaceful and less likely to nip at other fish’ fins than other species making them a great addition to a mixed community tank. The males display a bright cherry red colour whereas the females hold more of an orange colouration instead.


Originally comes from the Kelani and Nilwala River basins in southwestern ‘wet zone’ of Sri Lanka as well as some small drainages in the area between the 2 rivers.

About me:

  • Grows to: 5cm
  • Temperature: 20-27° celcius
  • pH: 6.0-8.0
  • Temperament: Peaceful


The Cherry Barb is a peaceful fish making it a perfect addition to a small community tank filled with other species of tetra, rasboras, catfish, loaches, livebearers, and rainbows. They are a schooling fish though so at least 6 is recommended so that they are less skittish in the tank and to help to naturally increase their colour.



  • Small Tropical Pellets
  • Tropical Flakes
  • Frozen Foods



These fish tend to show their best colouration in a heavily planted tank with a dark substrate, although it is not necessary for their health. Types of floating plants, driftwood root systems and branches do also help to keep them feeling most at home, allowing them to display colours best and to make them most confident in their environment. Filtration doesn’t need to be very strong though they do like some water flow through the tank.

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