CerMedia MarinePure 3.8L Spheres

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MarinePure Spheres are 1.5in diameter spheres of high performance bio-media.

Spheres are individually finished with a sturdy outer layer to prolong its lifespan, MarinePure spheres are designed for use in high flow environments where water is being forced through a small area, the spheres are also ideal for situations where a large scale is desired as they are available for purchase in bulk (see 100L drum) and spread through multiple sumps and aquariums.

Designed for Ammonia & Nitrite Removal under high flow. Deep pore structure will allow development of low oxygen zones, which will help with control of nitrates. One MarinePure Sphere has the same surface area as 1,350 plastic 1.5″ bio-balls.

Can be used in canister filters, sumps & wet/dry filters.

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