Carib Sea Life Rock Base Rock - 100g

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In-store only: We sell the best Texas Holey Rock in Australia at the cheapest price, but it's only available for purchase in-store. So come in today and see it for yourself!

Experience the natural beauty of Carib Sea Life Base Rock, the perfect choice for creating sustainable and stunning aquascapes in your marine or reef aquarium.


  • Real aragonitic base rock with no curing or cement
  • Infused with macro and micro-porosity for excellent biological performance
  • Clean, safe, and unique pieces that are environmentally responsible
  • Life Rock from Carib Sea is nature perfected and protected

With Carib Sea Life Rock Base Rock, you don't just put rocks in your tank, you ROCK your reef! The incredible porosity and biological performance of Life Rock Base make it the most cost-effective rock choice for any aquarist.

  • Use it to create spectacular shelves that provide a perfect display area for inverts
  • The realistic and natural look of the rock allows you to create caves and platforms for your fish
  • It is ideal for Reef Aquariums, Marine Aquariums, African Cichlids Aquariums, and Brackish Aquariums

Please note:

  • Each rock is unique in terms of size, shape, and variety
  • We cannot take any special requests for rocks of a particular size or dimension
  • Due to the fragile nature of the rock, there is a possibility of breakage during shipment
  • We do our best to minimise damages by packaging the rock sufficiently
  • You can attach multiple pieces using aquarium epoxy to make large shelves or repair damaged rock

Order CaribSea Life Rock Base Rock today and bring the beauty of nature to your aquarium. Please note that this product is sold per 100g and is available for in-store pick-up only

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