CADE River 225l Aquarium and Cabinet CB900-1

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CADE River Aquarium Series is designed for freshwater in mind and ideal for the ultimate display tank or the high tech aquascape.


    CADE River Aquarium Series is designed for freshwater in mind and ideal for the ultimate display tank or the high tech aquascape.

    CADE River 90cm - 225 litre

    Tank Specifications

  • Dimensions: 900 (L) x 500 (W) x 500 (H).
  • Capacity: 225L.
  • Glass thickness: 10mm.
  • Opti-Clear glass.
  • Flat polished edges.
  • Open top (rimless).
  • Perfectly cut silicone edges.
  • Laser etched CADE logo.
  • Chamois.
  • Spirit level.
  • Tool rack.

  • Packaging:
  • Plywood box, plastic wrapped with foam corners.

  • Cabinet Specifications.
  • Colour - Black.
  • Dimensions: 900 (L) x 500 (W) x 800 (H).
  • Alluminum frame.
  • Glass doors, side panels and internal shelf.
  • Tool rack
  • Supplied flat packed, (front & rear pre-assembled)
  • Assembly time: 30-45min.
  • Instructions included. PDF Instructions can be downloaded also.
  • Packaging: Cardboard foam lined carton.

  • CADE RIVER - CB900-1
  • SKU: CB900-1

  • The CADE River Series is our freshwater range of luxurious designer Aquariums.

    Designed with CADE's unique minimalist clean lined sophistication, the entire CADE River Series range is the perfect foundation to add a slice of nature within any contemporary home or office.

    The CADE River Series is our range of open top Freshwater Aquariums.

    Every CADE Aquarium is constructed using the highest clarity flat polished Opti-Clear glass and is assembled robotically to millimetre perfect precision using the highest quality clean cut minimal silicone.

    Constructed using the very best materials and to the very highest standard with minimalist clean lined sophistication the CADE River Series is the perfect foundation for building a truly customised Aquarium system.

    CADE River Series cabinets are beautifully designed to compliment modern day home decor. They are constructed using aluminium and glass making them the most hard wearing aquarium furniture on the market.

    Water spillage is an inevitable consequence of aquarium maintenance so it's good to know your CADE cabinet is completely resistant to water damage and it will never warp or swell like water damaged wooden cabinets.

    Instead they simply wipe clean with ease ensuring it remains looking like new. Another great unique feature of CADE cabinets are adjustable castor feet which conveniently takes care of uneven floors and to make certain the levelling is plumb CADE even provide a little spirit level to be placed on the top edge of the tank whilst making height adjustments. CADE also provide a door mounted tool rack keeping your plant tools neatly within reach.

    • Code of distributor: CB900-1B
    • Warranty:
    • Dimensions:  90 x 50 x 50 cm
    • Capacity: 225L
    • Glass thickness: 10mm
    • Rim/rimless: Rimless
    • Stand included: Yes
      • 90 x 50 x 80 cm
    • Accessories: 

    PDF file can be found on this page: https://www.cadeaustralia.com.au/cade-river 

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