Blue Planet 60cm Tracking System POD LED Light

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Blue Planet 60cm Tracking LED Light

  • Tracking System to move the LED's
  • Add and remove PODS
  • Dimable Blue LIghting
  • Design your own LED
  • Easily add more White, Blue or Red LED's
  • Natural Colour for Freshwater or Marine
  • Enhances Fish and Plant Colour
  • Comes with 5 POD's (4 White - 1 Blue)
  • Holds up to 14 POD's
  • Maximum output 1120 lumins

Easy Installation: 

The POD System makes installation a breeze with a simple click into the rail and the POD is installed.

Tracking System:

The advanced tracking system allows you to move the LED's by sliding them along the tracking rail making it easier to highlight areas for extra effect or showing of plant rock or ornaments.

Blue Dimming: 

To use the dimming just adjust the switch to select the best blue lighting for your tank.

The Light comes with 4 White POD's and 1 Blue POD
Additional POD's Available:

  • Cool White POD Bright Daylight appearence 1 Watt, 80 Lumiens, 10,000k
  • Lunar Blue POD 445nm, 1 Watt, 475 Lumens
  • Colour Enhancing POD Warm White and Red - White 4500k and 630nm Red, 50 Lumens, 1 Watt
  • Code of distributor: EI181
  • Barcode: 9312239035366
  • Weight: 0.95Kg
  • Warranty: 
  • Dimensions: width of 60cm 
  • Suitability:


  • PAR: dependent on number of pods
  • Depth reached: 
  • Power consumption: 1w per pod
  • Tank recommendation: 

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