Blue Life Nitrate Fx 500ml Nitrate Remover

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Blue Life Clear Nitrate FX is a anion resin designed to remove Nitrates quickly and safely giving better water conditions as well as helping to reduce nusense algae.

Nitrate Fx:

  • Prevents Algae Overgrowth
  • Reduce and Extend Maintenance Intervals
  • Regenarable Multiple TImes
  • Safe and Effective Way to Lower Nitrates

  • Prior to first use, rinse each bag of resin by passing a steady stream of fresh water (RO Preferrably) 4 to 5 cups approximately; discard water once completed.

    Each 250ml of Nitrate Fx will remove 10ppm nitrate in 475 litres of water (or 5ppm per 945 litres) and 500ml will remove 10ppm nitrate in 945 litres of water (or 5ppm per 1890 litres).

    Removal is directly related to resin contact time with water; maximising contact time with water will remove more nitrates and aid in the overall quality of aquarium water.

    For best results, resins should be used inside a reactor or a pressurised canister.

    Nitrate Fx is regenerative multiple times, making it a cost effective means for reduction of nitrates in freshwater aquariums.

    Dissolve 1 Blue Life USA Regeneration Kit into 2 litres of room-temperature water per 250-ml of resin to be regenerated

  • in a clean container
  • place resin into container and stir
  • allow Nitrate Fx to soak at least 1 hour (for best results soak overnight)
  • frequently agitating the bags
  • Then remove from regeneration solution and rinse thoroughly in fresh water before re-using.

  • Do not regenerate with bleach, this will permanently damage the adsorption resin and could kill aquarium inhabitants.

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