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Blagdon Amphibious IQ Pump 4500 - 25w - Controllable Water Pump

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Amphibious IQ 2250-4500

Energy saving pond pump for filters and waterfalls.

Powerful, yet economical, this low maintenance design pond pump is adjustable to suit any pond and season.

Key features

  • Motor protection system 
  • Run dry protection system
  • Flexible power usage control and display
  • Soft start

Suitable for waterfalls and filters, the Amphibious IQ combines low maintenance with high performance, and using its digital motor technology consumes around thirty percent less energy that similarly priced pumps.

Motor Protection System - If the pump detects the motor is clogged or jammed the motor protection system will pause and display, u0091motor jammed, clean impeller, clean rotoru0092. When the clogging has been removed the pump can safely restart. •

Run Dry Protection System - If the pump detects is has run out of water, it will pause and display, u0091water low, add wateru0092. When water has been added the pump with safely restart.

Flexible Power Usage Control & Display - With the touch of a button the user can stop, start, increase or decrease power and flow, thereby allowing for optimum performance and maximum energy saving.

Soft Start - When the pump is turned on the flow will slowly increase to its pre-set position. This helps to reduce the wear on the pump whilst decreasing stress to the pipework and filters fitted to the system. The Amphibious IQ can be placed anyway up whilst in the pond, its casing has equally distributed holes all the way around which ensures an even flow of water to the pump so should debris create a partial blockage the pump will continue to work. The impeller also has clear housing making it easy to check for possible blockages or damage without having to undo it. With a three year guarantee the Amphibious IQ pack contains a pump, controller, hose tails and a complete set of fittings.

Product code 1056106
Product barcode 5015368056106
Disposal of electrical goods Y
Size (b) Standard Pond
Wattage 15W to 25W Variable
Flow rate 4900 L/H
Spare parts 1111041, 1111072
IP rating IPX8
Weight 1.7kg
Max pumping height 3m (910")