Betapet Tropical Pellet 1Kg (Medium 2-3mm Size Sinking Pellet)

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Betapet Tropical Pellet are manufactured to an Aqua-cultural standard, that means it is vitamin ramped and trypsin inhibited.

Betapet Tropical pellet is high quality pellet providing aminos, vitamins and minerals in an extruded pellet. The result will be healthy fast growing fish.

Betapet Tropical Pellet

Specially formulated ornamental fish pellet contains Natural Growth enhancers.

A healthy pellet with Vitamins and Minerals for better digestion and uptake resulting in less waste.

Growth Pellet is extruded to help reduce bloating. Optimises fish physiology and nutrition by balancing Amino Acids, Omega 3 Acids and fatty Acids.

The pellet contains an antibacterial and aminos to boost the immune and improve gut health.

The pellet is ideal for breeding ornamental fish.

Quality Ingredients

What Makes this Pellet such a great pellet and different from the rest.

The pellet is specifically formulated by Ornamental Fish Breeders.

The pellet has a anti-bacterial which doubles to convert spiking Ammonia into harmless Methenmine, a first in ornamental fish food manufacture.

This helps should you happen to overfeed your fish and helps stop the food breaking down into Ammonia.

Extruded Pellet

The pellet is extruded not compacted so when your fish eats the pellet it is easily digested.

With some compacted pellets, once eaten can then swell during the digestion stage which can bring about bloat and digestive issues.

Vitamen and Mineral Ramped. 

Extra Vitamins and Minerals are added in manufacture as during the heating process some of the Vitamens and Minerals can be lost so by adding extra into the process gives a well balanced content to the pellet which is also confirmed through the Spectrographic Analysis.

Aquacultural Standard.

Being a Aqua-Cultural Standard pellet it means that it is heavily scrutinised to make sure that it does produce good growth rates.

It must not contain any nasties or toxins as some Aqua-Cultural fish are produced for human consumption.

Most importantly - your fish will love them.....

  • Feed enough for fish to consume in 2-3 minutes. After 10 minutes
  • remove any uneaten food. Can be fed multiple times per day.
  • Only feed to ornamental and aquaculture fish.

  • Fish meal, Wheat flour, Corn gluten, Soybean meal, Yeast, Fish oil, Calcium phosphate, Salt, Vitamins and Minerals.

  • Crude Protein 44% min.
  • Crude Fat 5% min.
  • Crude Fibre. 3% max.
  • Crude Ash 15% max.
  • Crude Moisture 10% max.

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