Betapet Macropore 2 Litre Water Conditioner

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Macropore is a water polisher giving you crystal clear water by removing tannins. It also removes Nitrogenous Waste.

Betapet Macropore resin is one of the best filter media available as it will remove tannin stains in your water making it crystal clear and also reduce nitrate.

Betapet Macropore is Macroporous Nitrate Removal Resin.

It is a anion resin with quaternary amine functional group in bead form.

It is selectively used for Nitrate removal in aquarium water treatment.

It is also very effective in creating crystal clear water, removing tannins and water stains.


  • Polishes your water
  • Crystal Clear water
  • Removes Nitrates (via removing Nitrogenous Waste)
  • Removes Nitrites (via removing Nitrogenous Waste)
  • Removes Tannin's
  • Raises Aquarium Redox Potential
  • Rechargeable
  • Reduces the need for Water Changes
  • Reduces organics

  • Macropore is best used as a filter media in you Aquarium, Fish Tank or Pond.

    It is a water polisher giving you crystal clear water by removing tannins.

    If you have driftwood in your aquarium the driftwood in most cases will produce tannin's giving a tea colour to the water, Macropore will polish the water removing the tea stain colour of the water leaving a beautiful crystal clear tank.

    Macropore will also remove Nitrogenous waste. Nitrogenous waste is produced by fish, invertebrates and other living things.

    Nitrogenous waste in a tank will be broken down into Nitrite and then Nitrate.

    Nitrite is toxic in large amounts to fish and invertebrates and Nitrate less toxic.

    With Macropore removing the Nitrogenous waste that breaks down into Nitrite and Nitrate it means that your fish will have a better living environment.

    By removing Nitrate and Nitrate does 2 important things with you aquarium. 

    Not only will it give a better environment which will improve growth, colour and overall health of your fish, it will reduce the need to do a water change giving you more time to enjoy your aquarium and saving water.

    You will still need to do water changes just not as regular. Or you could continue to do the regular water changes which will improve the environment even more.

    Macropore is a Macro-porous Synthetic Polymer resin that polishes aquarium water and removes Nitrogenous waste.

    Macropore will raise the Redox potential without effecting the beneficial trace element levels in your aquarium.

    Can be recharged with a 6% salt solution in freshwater. For a Marine aquarium Bleach must be used.

  • Rinse before placing the media in a fine mesh filter media bag (sold separately).
  • When the polymer resin reaches a dark brown colour it is time to recharge.
  • Recharging is usually 24hr to return to its normal white colour.

  • When using in a canister filter, to save having to put back the Macropore after recharging consider getting two lots and cycle them to make it easier.

  • Rinse first.
  • Put Macropore Resin in a very fine mesh bag loosely to allow water to flow through it.
  • Place in a filter or area with good water flow
  • can be used in reactors and sumped systems.

  • For freshwater aquarium use: 
  • Recharge by dissolving 2 handfuls of non-iodised salt into 1 litre of water in a plastic container
  • leave sit in the bag for 12 hours
  • rinse before use.

  • Marine Aquariums: 
  • Use home brand bleach at a ratio of 1:1 soak for 12 hours
  • In a plastic container, rinse well and soak In fresh water with 2 tablespoons of Chlorine Neutraliser per cup of water for 8 hours,rinse again.
  • Check for chlorine odour.
  • If odour still exists rinse with chlorine neutraliser and do a chlorine test.

  • In freshwater tanks with high amounts of tannin's - 

    When the resin goes a brown colour follow marine aquarium recharge and follow up with in fresh water soak for 3 hours with half a teaspoon of ph down.

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