Aquazonic Spectra Miracle LED Light 90cm **

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The Spectra Miracle Light is a enhanced version of the original Miracle Light. With the RGB LED chipset in a slimline light makes not only the light attractive but the colours of your fish will have a massive standout.

The Miracle light uses 4 different light colour LED's and we tried it out on our system tanks in store and just could not believe the difference between the original white LED lights we had and when we added the Miracle light the difference was just amazing. It bought out the natural colours in the fish and the Cardinal Tetra's came out spectacular.

We would highly recommend the Miracle light and welcome to come in and compare the difference.

The light spectrum accentuates the contrast of the fish's scales to create a 3D effect without white washing the fish.

Simulates the radiance of natural sunlight to showcase the fish's natural colour while highlighting the graceful movement of surface ripples in your aquarium.

Splash proof design.

The major difference with the Spectra Miracle light is the colour rendering index and lifting all levels in comparison to other LED lights. The result is simply amazing with highlighting even the smallest detail in your fish and pigment making it stand out like never before.

Intense Vivid Colour. Brings out your fish's natural colour better with a greater intensity and vividness.

The Miracle Spectrum - Unique technology that instantly enhances your fishes by giving a unique shine and colour depth on the scales.

Sunlight Effect. Simulates natural sunlight to create graceful surface ripples in your aquarium for a more natural look and feel.

Full LEDs. Lowering energy consumption, low heat emission and safer compared to standard fluorescents and metal halides
  • Comprises of 93 - LEDs
  • Long life span of LED.
  • Slim design fits onto any type of Aquariums.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Low heat emission compared to standard fluorescent and metal halides.
  • Doesn't encourage green water.

    • Code of distributor: QHU137
    • Barcode: 8887677086559
    • Weight: 6.5Kg
    • Warranty: 
    • Dimensions: Body only 83cm
    • Suitability: 


    • PAR: 
    • Depth reached: 
    • Power consumption: 28.34w
    • Tank recommendation: ideal 90-110cm aquariums

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