Aquasonic Paragone 25 Tablets for Lice, Fluke and Worms - Australian Made

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Aquasonic Paragone For Flukes, Anchor Worms, Lice

Are your fish rubbing or flashing, can you see parasites attached to your fish, well Paragone could be the answer. 

PARAGONE tablets aid in the control of most external fish parasites including Fish lice (argulus spp), gill flukes (Ergasilus spp) and Anchor worms (Lernaea spp).

  • Use 1 tablet per 40 litres of water and repeat the dose 7 days later.
  • During treatment it is best to keep the water temperature around 25 degree Celsius and to maintain pH between 6 and 7.
  • For anchor worms, follow the above treatment regime but repeat treatments at 5 day intervals until all adults are killed.
  • At cold water temperatures allow treatment to be repeated at 12 day intervals.
  • In a fish only marine tank, be aware that the active constituents are more toxic at high pH, so reduce the dose rate to 1 tablet/160 Litres.

  • Observe fish during treatment for stress.

    Paragone treatment may adversely effect species of Plecostomus and Bristle nose type catfish as well as Silver Dollars. 

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