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Aqua Systems


Aquarium Systems Mega Media Small 500g Filter Wool (Fine)

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Synthetic filter wool for replacing in internal filters and external canister filters to remove fine and large particles in the water.

Mega Media Small

  • White synthetic media filter used to trap impurities
  • Can be used in fresh- and seawater
  • Chemically neutral
  • Washable

  • Aquarium Systems Mega Media Small is a synthetic filtration media with a special unique structure allowing, among other things, the retention of large and small impurities.

    Aquarium Systems Mega Media Small can be used with all types of internal and external filters and aquariums with sump filters.

    Its special structure gives the synthetic media the capacity for efficient absorption over a long period of time.


    The product is chemical free and has no effect on the parameters of the water.

    It has a large filtration volume and can be rinsed and reused several times making it a superior quality and highly economical filtration wool.

  • Loosen Aquarium Systems Mega Media Small and before use and rinse with clean water.
  • Then place the wool in your filtration system.
  • Reusable and highly economical
  • Freshwater and Saltwater Use.
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