Aquarium Systems 1000ml Bio Pellets Mega Media to control Phosphate and Nitrate

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Aquarium Systems Bio Pellets Mega Media to control Phosphate and Nitrates

Control Nitrate and Phosphate and use Aquarium Systems Bio Pellets – the 100% Natural Solution

Aquarium Systems Bio Pellets

A novel, innovative way, using PURE biodegradable bio-polymers, to control nitrate and phosphate in your aquarium.

  • Specially developed for aquariums
  • Works in ALL aquariums
  • Safe for ALL fish and corals
  • PURE - no fillers, no chemicals
  • Easier than carbon dosing
  • Ultimate in carbon bio-polymer
  • ASTM D7081 Certified Marine Biodegradable

  • General Notes:
  • Aquarium Systems Bio Pellets should be placed in a reactor so that they are constantly turning and oxygenated.
  • It may take 2 to 4 weeks for the Pearls to become covered with beneficial bacteria.
  • A good protein skimmer is strongly recommended for best results as this will effectively remove much of the bacteria biomass produced by the Pearls.
  • Do not let the Pearls become static as this may result in anaerobic conditions and the possible production of hydrogen sulfide.
  • If this happens, remove the Pearls from the reactor, gently rinse the Pearls, clean the reactor and restart the Pearls.

  • Aquarium Systems Bio Pellets should be used at a rate of 3 ml of Pearls gallon of aquaria water (1/4 cup NP-Active Pearls per 20 gallons of water).
  • However, when first starting with Pearls, use 1 ml per gallon and add more Pearls over the first month.
  • Aquarium Systems Bio Pellets will be consumed over time and will need to be replenished. Do not wait until the reactor is empty of Pearls before adding more.
  • *Use Waste-Away to help seed the Aquarium Systems Bio Pellets.

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