Aquaforest Probiotic Salt 10kg for Marine Aquariums **

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Aquaforest Probiotic Salt is a ideal salt for Fish only, Clams, LPS, SPS coral tanks. The probiotic helps to reduce waste and nitrates.

Aquaforest Probiotic Salt

Ideal for:

  • LPS
  • FISH

Fully synthetic marine salt created for cultured corals.

Its formula is designed to create the best conditions for marine animals.

The micronutrients and macronutrients contained in the formula fulfil the demand of corals for proper growth and pigmentation.

Probiotic bacteria contained in the salt reduce the content of nitrates and phosphates and prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the marine aquarium.

After dissolving the salt, freshly prepared marine water can be used immediately.

When setting up new aquariums, it is recommended that the first animals are placed no sooner than 10-14 days after filling the aquarium.

The salt contains bromides, that are found in natural marine water, so it is not recommended for use in the ozone supported filtration systems (for such systems we recommend Reef Salt Aquaforest instead).

Due to the content of probiotic bacteria the dKH value should be maintained at 6.5-8.0. Higher values may have a negative effect on the growth of SPS corals.

Dissolve the salt in the previously prepared demineralised water.

Water temperature should be about 24°C (75°F). For salinity of 33 ppt dissolve about 390 g (13.75 oz)/10 l (2.7 US gal) of water.

Stir the solution vigorously for about 15 minutes. Once the salt is fully dissolved and the solution is clear, the saline water is ready to use.

Keep the salt in a dry and dark place. Once dissolved, use the salt within 24 hours.

When using Probiotic Reef Salt, it’s not recommended to perform water changes larger than 10-15%.

Parameters of a salt for 33 ppt are presented below:
  • 24°C / 75.2°F
  • Cl – 19000-19500 mg/l
  • Na – 9720-11880 mg/l
  • Mg – 1300-1360 mg/l
  • S – 810-990 mg/l
  • Ca – 410-430 mg/l
  • K – 360-380 mg/l
  • B – 4,05 – 5,0 mg/l
  • Sr – 7,2-8,8 mg/l
  • dKH – 7,4-8,2
  • pH – 8,0-8,2

  • Aquaforest products are manufactured in the EU under strict laboratory supervision to meet the highest quality standards.

    Each product is prepared from carefully selected raw components in quantities proven to yield consistent composition.

    How is Aquaforest Marine Salt product range tested?

    Aquaforest mix their Marine Salt in 1 metric tonne batches, and 3 separate samples per batch are collected during the production stage for testing.

    Each of these samples is dissolved in 15 litres (4US gal) of RO water.

    Aquaforest experienced team of professionals perform ICP-OES analysis to verify that the chemical composition is within consistent range, and to rule out the presence of unwanted contaminants at the same time.

    Note: Even though our salt is thoroughly mixed, not every bucket/box will be identical.

    The parameters can vary slightly between containers and around a 2-3% variation is acceptable.

    This fluctuation is a result of both physical properties of the mix and the limitations of the processing techniques available.

    These variations are still smaller than the typical margin for error for popular hobbyist test kits.

    Recommended salinity for different aquarium types:

    Macro and micro elements in the water have different levels depending on the salinity:

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