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Aquaforest Iron 50ml Liquid additive.

Iron is an important micronutrient supplement helping with photosynthesis and improved coral colour.

Aquaforest Iron

  • Supplement containing highly concentrated iron.
  • Iron is an important micronutrient absorbed by corals and sea anemones.
  • Regular and balanced iron supplementation provides intense green coloration of corals.
  • Iron plays an important role in the process of photosynthesis, therefore its supplementation improves the coral nutrition process.
  • Especially supports green colouring of Acroporas as well as other SPS corals.
  • 1 drop per 100 litres (27 US gal) daily.

    Recommended level of iron in reef aquariums is 0,006– 0,012 mg/l (ppm).

    1 ml of Iron (~15 drops) in 100 l (27 US gal) raises the iron level in water by 0.005 ppm = 5 μg/l.

    It is important that each aquarium is different and the dosage depends on the coral cast and individual needs.

    Do not overtighten the screw, otherwise the cover might be damaged.