Aquaforest Iodum 50ml

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Aquaforest Iodum is used for synthesising corals. This also helps with pigments and can intensify blue and purple coloration.

Aquaforest Iodum

Supplement containing concentrated iodine.

In marine aquariums iodine is crucial for the general cell functioning and the transfer of nutrients between them.

Iodine is constantly consumed by tank inhabitants, therefore, without supplementation its level drops quickly.

Iodine is used by corals for synthesising pigments which allow them to adapt to variable lighting conditions and protect the fragile coral tissues from UV radiation.

Iodum intensifies dark blue and purple coloration of hard corals.

Appropriate iodine content in seawater tank supports shrimp molting.

Regular dosage of Iodum allows to keep iodine content at the same level as in the natural sea water.


1 drop per 100 l (27 US gal) of water daily. 1 drop of Iodum raises iodine level by 0.01 ppm in 100 l of water.

The recommended level of iodine in reef aquarium is about 0.06 ppm.

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