Aquaforest Calcium 3.5kg powder additive

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Aquaforest Calcium is for increasing calcium and it is essential to maintain stable and balance and important for coral growth.


An agent for maintaining constant calcium levels and pH adjustment in reef aquariums.

In sea water, the constant value of calcium is essential for the proper development of corals and coralline algae.

The recommended level of calcium in reef aquaria is 380-460 mg/l (ppm).

  • Dissolve 50 g of Calcium in 1000 ml RODI water.

  • Dosage should be determined by water test results and corals daily consumption.

    Before applying Calcium solution into the water, it is recommended to run a water test to check current water parameters.

    100 ml of Calcium solution raises the calcium level in 100 l of water by 17.5 mg/l (ppm).

    The product is also suitable for casual use in order to raise calcium level once. 10 g of Calcium in 100 l of water raises the calcium level by about 35 mg/l (ppm).

    We do not recommend raising calcium levels by more than 20 ppm per day. In order to maintain ionic balance, KH Buffer and Reef Mineral Salt should also be used.

    Calcium and Magnesium can be combined together into one solution.

  • calcium chloride – CaCl2 (CAS: 10043-52-4).
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