Aquael Professional Ultra Heater 75 Watt Electronic and Unbreakable

The Ultra Heater is Unbreakable and with the precision of +/-0.25 degree will keep your aquarium stable at its set heat level. Not made of glass so will not shatter and will not overheat as it will sense that it is not in water and will not burn you or your fish. European made quality backed by a 2 year warranty.  

Modern plastic heaters with thermal regulation. Exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage. Its flat shape allows for unhindered installation on any aquarium wall. It can also operate installed horizontally – ideal solution for aqua terrariums with turtles. Absolutely unbreakable.

The heaters from this line are equipped with characteristic casing made of a special composition of synthetic material* making them completely break-proof and extremely resistant even to strong strokes. Their modern look also catches the eye: the new heaters are flat, thin and small in size (21 cm in height) what makes them easy to be concealed in an aquarium. Their functional double-sided hanger allows for fixing them both on the front, side and back wall of the tank. ft is easy to accurately set the desired temperature thanks to the large ergonomic knob with expanded scale located on its edges ranging from 20 to 33°C. The automatic thermostat operates with ±0.25°C tolerance.

Design and technical improvements are what makes the new heaters different from the currently produced ones. The most striking difference (clearly visible thanks to the new window box packaging) are the three LED diodes located on the top and front of the casing and indicating whether the heater is on or off. They are automatically switched on at the beginning of the operation cycle of the heater allowing to monitor it on an ongoing basis. What was also changed, is the material used for production of the heater casing, modified so that it guarantees the highest durability and safety standards of usage (the heater meets European safety standard IP68). Inside the heater a thermal safety switch is also installed. It means that if the device is, by mistake, switched on outside of water or in case of uncontrolled water leakage from the tank, the heater will not blow nor cause fire hazard, but will be switched off automatically. It will also be automatically switched on again but only if it is completely cooled down. What is more, thanks to the appropriately chosen thermal conductivity of the plastic materials used for its production, touching the operating heater will not cause burns neither to the user nor to the fish (in contact with skin the surface of the casing instantly cools down). 'It makes the new Easy Heater heaters supremely safe in usage and heating of aquarium water".

  • 75 Watt is ideal for 35-75 litre aquariums (Ambient room temperature dependant)
  • wide range of precise regulation
  • Accurate within 0.25 degrees
  • Heats between 20 to 33 degrees
  • Size - 21cm high x 5cm (7cm with suction cups) wide x 2.53.5cm
  • Built in Temperature Indicator
  • fully submersible (IP68 standard)
  • very small size
  • safe for fish (no burn)
  • overheating switch control
  • Fresh or Saltwater Use

 When selecting a heater take into consideration how cold the room gets. 

If the room stays no less than 6 degrees of you set temperature then select the size heater below for the size of your tank.

  • 25w 10-25l
  • 50w 15-50l
  • 75w 35-75l
  • 100w 60-100l
  • 150w 90-150l

  • If the room stays no less than 11 degrees of you set temperature then select the size heater below for the size of your tank.

  • 25w 10-15l
  • 50w 15-35
  • 75w 35-60l
  • 100w 60-90l
  • 150w 90-130l

    • Item no: 102653
    • Barcode: 5905546316644
    • Weight: 0.45Kg
    • Dimensions: 21cm x 5cm (7cm with suction cups) x 2.53.5cm
    • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty
    • Suitability: Fresh or Saltwater Use

    • Watts: 75w
    • Tank size: 35-75 litre aquariums
    • Adjustable temperature range: 20 to 33 degrees

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