Aquael Leddy Smart Plant Day & Night - 4.8w (Black) LED Light - Plant Version

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Leddy Smart is a minimalist led light designed for small, freshwater aquarium tanks. It has a Day & Night function providing two different levels of daylight and a blue night light.

An aquarium is not only a home for fish, shrimp and plants, but also a decoration of the room. Therefore, modern aquarium accessories must be both functional and elegant, harmonizing in style with the interior of modern rooms. The LEDDY SMART DAY & NIGHT aquarium light is a prime example of this.

LEDDY SMART DAY & NIGHT combines elegance and minimalism of form with high utility values guaranteeing optimal conditions for the care of any freshwater nanoaquarium. The lamp has been enriched with the Day & Night function, thanks to which you can choose one of three light modes DAY / DAYBREAK / NIGHT depending on your needs. These are two different levels of daylight and a blue night light. DAY is the basic and strongest light, for illuminating the aquarium during the day. DAYBREAK is a reduced daylight power to 50% plus blue light. It works well as the first mode after night and when feeding fish – especially if you have a skittish stock. NIGHT is a blue glow that allows unique observation of the aquarium after dark, including fish and animals with nocturnal lifestyles. Day & Night lighting will beautifully highlight the arrangement in the aquarium both during the day and at night, and make the interior of the room where the tank is located more cozy.

The DAY / DAYBREAK / NIGHT light modes can be changed manually or remotely via the Aquael app-controlled Socket Link Duo controller, which is also available from Aquael.

LEDDY SMART DAY&NIGHT is designed for tanks with a capacity of 2,6 to 13,2 US gal and a height not exceeding 13,8 inch. It uses modern LED technology hidden in a flat (only 0,4 inch thick), elegant lampshade. Installation of the lamp is very simple – just slide its arm directly onto the edge of the aquarium glass. It fits tanks made of glass up to 0,24 inch thick.

The lamp is available in two versions – with a universal SUNNY spectrum and a specialized one, supporting rapid plant growth – PLANT spectrum. The LEDs emit light with a color temperature of 7000 K (SUNNY) or 9000 K (PLANT) and an efficiency comparable to a 14-watt traditional linear fluorescent lamp. This provides good conditions for aquarium plants and guarantees faithful color reproduction of all aquarium inhabitants. The use of a large number of LEDs with a total power of 4.8 watts in the lamp makes the tank evenly illuminated.

LEDDY SMART DAY & NIGHT lamps are indispensable for lighting shrimp tanks and other small freshwater tanks. Their additional advantage is maintenance-free and longevity – the LEDs installed in them can work without replacement for up to 15 thousand hours.

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  • PAR: 9000K 350lm
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  • Power consumption: 4.8w
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