Aqua-Pics PLANT-MAX Pro Complex 500ml - For Heavily Planted Aquariums

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Complete aquatic plant food for heavily planted and aquascaped aquariums needing a professional fertiliser.  Rain water and most town water supplies are void or almost void of plant nutrients.  To get that professional edge with optimum results, for lush greens and brighter reds, you should add Aqua-Pics Plant-Max Pro in conjunction with Aqua-Pics Iron-Max and Carbo-Max.

This product was developed by a professional aquarium plant grower with over 45 years experience supplying the aquatic industry with plants.  It contains the perfect levels of essential minerals, compounds, macro and micro nutrients required for a heavily planted aquarium wanting professional results.

Add Aqua-Pics Plant-Max Pro once every two weeks or after each water change.  Add 5ml to 50 litres of water.  This will raise the plant nutrients by approximately 0.3% total dissolved active nutrients for flourishing thick fresh water plant growth.

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