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Aqua One


Aqua One Brilliance 120 Aquarium Black

If we do not have one in stock, we are happy to order one in specially for you.

Aqua One Brilliance tanks are an all-in-one including lighting and filtration. Just cycle adding an air pump, gravel, water and fish and you're away.

Seamless front and side glass creates optimum viewing

  • Convenient hinged hood allows plenty of room for easy access and maintenance
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Available in black and white
  • Matching cabinets

  • The Aqua One Brilliance range delivers style, versatility and functionality with ease of use ensuring a successful first experience in fish keeping.

  • 292 litres
  • 120 x 45 x 65cm
  • 2 x 39w T5
  • 1100lph Canister Filter
  • Heater 300w
  • Includes Stand