Aqua Natural Oliver Plant Laterite 2L

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  1. Plant Laterite is a rich mineral based substrate. It can be used as a base fertilizer platform with other Oliver Knott substrates such as AquaEarth, Scoria and Iron Sand. Alternatively, the unique properties of Plant Laterite allow it to be used alone as an all in one fertilizer and gravel substrate.
  2. As Plant Laterite contains a clay component please follow these instructions before use: • Rinse in a bucket or sieve to remove the smallest particulars. Do not over wash. • Plant Laterite will continue to let off some red clay whenever washed—this is normal.
  3. Put in your aquarium and add water very slowly while trying to not stir up the Plant Laterite. A good method is to place a plastic bag over the Plant Laterite and fill the water over the bag. Remove the bag when finished.
  4. Slowly fill your aquarium with water until the water level is about 3-4cm (1-2in) above the Plant Laterite. This makes planting easier.
  5. Use a scraper or ruler to level the surface, or if desired create gradients with the Plant Laterite.
  6. Begin planting your aquarium. Make sure you spray your plants with water until the planting process is completed.
  7. Once the aquarium is planted, slowly fill your tank to the desired level.
  8. Power up your filter system and leave for a few days and any clay in the water will sink or be removed by your filter.
  9. Following this recommended process will result in crystal clear water.


  • The water quality control attributes of Plant Laterite will naturally decrease over time.
  • Use Plant Laterite for freshwater aquariums, paludarium and tropical terrariums.
  • Not suitable for strong burrowing fish or use with aquarium vacuum cleaners.

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