Aqua Natural Indian Almond Leaves - Qty 10 x 15-20cm A grade Leaves

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  • Genuine Terminalia Catappa
  • Hand picked from organic native trees in India.
  • Sterilized in Australia and garanteed to be 100% pest free.
  • Pack of Ten size 15-20cm A Grade
  • Indian Almond Leaves can be used to naturally lower pH Levels in your water.

The beneficial Tannic Acid and Tannins help to replicate the natural environment of many tropical fish.

  • Organic and Sundried
  • Lowers the pH & heavy metal levels in your water
  • Antibacterial, antifungal & antiparasitic properties
  • Help induce breeding & spawning
  • Food source for fry, small fish and Freshwater Shrimp
  • Safe for use with all freshwater fish
  • Encourages spawning hardens scales
  • Offers protection for small species

Product of India

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