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2Hr Aquarist

2HR Est 500

2Hr Aquarist APT Estimative Index 500ml

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With the 2HR Aquarist APT-EI, the famous nutrient dosing approach pioneered by Tom Barr is now available in a ready-to-use concentrate that removes the guesswork from trying to recreate this powerful and sometimes elusive formula.

An overview of the EI methodology can be found here.


How is apt different?

Real results! Plants grown the 2Hr Way using APT display a unique richness and form.
We developed APT because we could not find any existing product that met our needs.

I don’t need such power?

Even for the simplest tank, good plant health helps prevent algae and keep fish happy. APT ensures your plants get 100% of what they need.
Healthy plants, happy fish, algae-free.

Dose 1 capful (5ml) per 100L 3 times per week or 2ml per 100L daily. Pump attachment: each pump = 1.5ml