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How to use Continuum Nitryx

How to use Continuum Nitryx.

Before your ready to start there is a few things you need to know - to kick it off in the right direction.


Add Microbial cultures to kick off and jump start the colonisation process at elevated levels, first rinse very well with aquarium water or RO water.

Freshwater systems should use - BacterClean F, BacterGen F
Saltwater systems should use - BacterClean M, BacterGen M, BacterGen MD

Place in a plastic bucket submerged in aquarium water and add one of the following and dose to the level of what would be required for your entire tank.
Allow 24hrs and occasionally stir.


Accelerate the growth of microbes by adding Reef Micro Fuel for saltwater systems and Flora Viv Prolifera for Freshwater systems.

Now it is time to locate it in your aquarium - ideally you want to place it after mechanical filtration (socks, filter wool, sponge) in a low flow area.