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How to pick the right heater?

What is the right size and best heater for my aquarium.

Before you can work out what it is the right heater the correct information is key. Two very important things you need to know before we even start.

  • How big is the tank needing the heater - just below will help you work out how many litres it is.
  • How cold does the room get that the tank is in. We need to work on what is the coldest the room will ever get. (this is usually early morning like 5am)

How many litres is my tank?

It is important to know just how many litres your tank is so that you can be accurate when adding or dosing items like medications and de-chlorinators.

To work out just how big your tank is simply multiply in centimetres the width by the height by the length then divide by 1000.

Also keep in mind that you will be best to measure to the waterline rather than the top of the tank when working out how much water is in the tank.

For example a 4 foot tank may measure 120cm in length by 45cm wide and 45cm high.

  • 120 X 45 X 45 = 243000
  • Then divide by 1000 which would make this tank 243 litres

How many watts?

Wattage is a power consumption and some heaters are more efficient than others but just so we can use a practical guide of generally needing 1watt per litre.
If your tank is 300 litres then as a starting point you will want at least a 300 watt heater but this is not all to consider.
This is where your room temperature comes into it - if you set the heater at lets say 27 degrees and the ambient room temperature gets more than 5 degrees cooler than the heater setting it is going to struggle and be too small and you should consider a higher heater.