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Dainichi Cichlid Ultima Krill Floating Small Pellet 500g (3mm)
Dainichi Cichlid Ultima Krill Floating Small Pellet 500g (3mm)

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Dainichi Cichlid Ultima Krill Floating Small Pellet 500g (3mm)


  • Fresh & All Natural
  • Meticulously refined ingredients
  • Montmorillonite clay for maximum digestion and growth
  • Beta glucan to support the immune system
  • ENCAPSULATION: Fortified with a revolutionary nutritional coating
  • Low Ash Content
  • Hi Protein / Low Fat / Low Carb

  • Features:

    ULTIMA KRILL combines outstanding colour, growth, and palatability and is especially well suited for omnivorous and carnivorous cichlids of all types.

    Featuring four applications of colour enhancing ingredients such as two blends of spirulina, Antarctic krill and shrimp, ULTIMA KRILL offers a richness of colour and sheen.

    Furthermore, the addition of immuno-stimulants and digestive enzymes, ensures a high degree of vigor and health as in all Dainichi foods.

    ULTIMA KRILL contains calcium montmorillonite clay to simulate the natural ingestion of mineral particles and to bind and neutralize metabolic toxins.

    Raw, fully potent vitamins, digestive enzymes and garlic ensure that the fish are healthy and free of internal parasites.

    Furthermore, the scouring action of the clay enhances the rejuvenation of the digestive tract which when combined with only two sources of starch (flour as binder and wheat germ as a source of vitamin E and B) ensures the maximum rate of digestion and assimilation of nutrients.


    White fish meal, wheat germ, wheat flour, krill, soybean meal, spirulina algae, brewer’s yeast, calcium montmorillonite clay, vitamin mix, mineral mix, garlic, beta glucan, protease and natural gum.

    Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Min.crude protein 43%
  • Min. crude fat 6%
  • Max. crude fiber 3%
  • Max. moisture 9%
  • Max. ash 9%

  • Feeding:

    Feed your fish only as much as they will eat (immediately) in a few minutes, 2 to 4 times daily.

    Smaller, more frequent feeding are preferred over a single large one.

    Do not pre-soak the food prior use! Pre-soaking washes out vitamins, colour enhancers, other nutrients, and lowers the performance of the food.

    All Dainichi foods have a low inclusion of starches to prevent excessive swelling in the digestive tract. Pre-soaking of Dainichi cichlid food is absolutely not required nor beneficial!

    ULTIMA's high krill, shrimp, and fish meal content is key in promoting exceptional growth in cichlids like this 15 inch male "Burundi" frontosa. The nuchial hump is especially well developed.

    Also noteworthy is the blue colouration resulting from a post- extrusion encapsulation with raw un-cooked spirulina.

    With one of the two applications of spirulina being in its pure raw, uncompromising form, blue hues of cichlids, like this Otopharynx lithobates from Zimbawe Rock, have no trouble maintaining their brightness and intensely.

    By not being cooked during pellet formation, spirulina maintains 100% of its colour potency.

    Ultima is an all-around colour formula suited for many cichlid types. Besides its blue enhancing properties, Ultima's carotenoid content stemming from spirulina, krill and shrimp, keeps the yellows and other colours vibrant as well.

    This five year old frontosa has been primarily on ULTIMA diet for the last four years. The colour and physical characteristics clearly attest to this formula's outstanding performance.

    High marine protein content and low starch levels provide even slow growing cichlids like this black calvus with all nutrition requirements for rapid growth.

    The 1.0 mm sinking or 1.5 mm floating pellets are accepted by Cyp. leptosoma.

    Labidochromis hongi readily accept either floating or sinking pellets up to the 3.5 mm (small) size.

    The krill, shrimp and two types of spirulina, bring out the maximum colour on both adult and two inch long juvenile blue neon peacocks.

    All Dainichi formulas contain Calcium Montmorillonite Clay with more than 60 different minerals proven to be immensely helpful in enhancing digestion and growth neutralizing metabolic toxins in an artificial environment such as a pond or aquarium, the clay helps return minerals to the water and stabilizes its chemical make-up.

    Cichlids require a finely-tuned diet to optimize their health and longevity.

    Just as you are what you eat, your fish are what you feed them!

    Using research and technology, Dainichi Fish Food offers cichlid hobbyists and breeders the most advanced line of speciality food in the world.

    We start with only the freshest, all-natural, premium-grade ingredients, which are meticulously refined to ensure rapid, easy digestion and maximum absorption.

    100% Natural No fillers, no chemical preservatives!

    At Dainichi Fish Food, the do not use cheap grain fillers (such as corn and alfalfa meal) and excess carbohydrates.

    Instead, Dainichi rely heavily on fresh, high quality marine and vegetable proteins.

    Dainichi offer our customers the best cichlid food possible.

    Through a radical departure from traditional fish food manufacturing, Dainichi utilizes a revolutionary encapsulation process to fortify many of our formulas with critical heat sensitive ingredients, to restore the food to its maximum nutritional potency.

    This unique step enables crucial ingredients such as colour enhancers, enzymes, vitamins and minerals to deeply penetrate the pellets, thus improving and enhancing their effects.

    Dainichi cichlid formulas exhibit an unmatched digestion rate, rapid growth, reduced incidence of bloat and minimal production of waste.

    You will quickly notice a reduction of algae and solid waste, which translates to a cleaner aquarium and filter.

    Food that is easier to digest, helps prevent maladies such as bloat, obesity and increases your cichlid’s life span.

    With Dainichi Fish Food, there is simply no excuse why your cichlids should not look as good as their counterparts in the wild!

    Dainichi believe in preventive maintenance and want to provide cichlid lovers with superior product.

    Dainichi's special vitamin and mineral coating supplements the food to boost your fish’s immune system response, thereby helping your fish fight off bacterial and viral infections, repair surface damage and increase lustre and sheen.

    Not just colour food…Not just healthy food—Dainichi Cichlid is both!

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