Infinia 275.6 Black

Waterbox Infinia 275.6 - 699 Litres - Black Marine Shield Cabinet - Special Order

Waterbox Infinia 275.6 (699 Litre)


The INFINIA dimensions were designed with aquascaping in mind. Each model was designed to maximise length and depth for optimal rock placement.


The MarineShield cabinets feature anti-corrosion aluminium alloy and fully water-resistant aluminium composite panels to provide extended durability and longevity.
Finishes available in black and brushed aluminium.

Full Glass Overflow

Overflow boxes are constructed entirely of glass with water-etched weir teeth for maximum strength and longevity.

Optimised Flow

Each side of the glass overflow box features adjustable return nozzles for precise water agitation.

Minimise Noise

Included is an overflow cover to reduce splashing and overflow noise.

 Quick Connect Assembly

Assembly is quick and easy with no gluing required

Precision Gate Valve

Controls the flow through the drains, ensuring quiet operation.

Safety Drain

Diverts water into the filtration compartment preventing an overflow, in the event of a clog.


Additional valves available for optional equipment.

Flexible Return Line

Accommodates your choice of return pump by using a flexible hose.

Check Valve

Designed to eliminate back-siphoning, in the event of a power failure.

Integrated Filtration

Designed for simplicity and function, the INFINIA sump system comes standard with refugium, skimmer, pump, and RO chambers.  

No more trips to the hardware store, we make plumbing our aquariums a breeze with ready to assemble plumbing kits that take minutes. 

Filter Socks & Silencer

Filter socks are important for filtering out unwanted organics and detritus, while clarifying and polishing the water. Sock sizes and accessories differ by model.

Include three 4" Micron Felt Filter Socks.

Removable Refugium Baffle

INFINIA Provides the option to utilise a refugium for nutrient export.

Evaporation Reservoir

The sump system has dedicated chamber for the use of an auto top-off controller.


Anti-Corrosion Aluminum

The 6063 aluminium alloy cabinetry provides one of the most stable platforms in the industry. 

Electrical Compartment

Designed with reef aquariums in mind. The MarineShield electrical box allows you to stay organised and safe. 

  • Tank and Cabinet height - 154cm


  • 1200 x 590 x 400mm
  • 8mm glass
  • 266L


  • 350 x 590 x 400mm
  • 6mm glass
  • 77L

    Marine-Shield Cabinet:

    • 6063 Anti-corrosion Aluminium Alloy
    • Fully Water-resistant Aluminium Composite Panels
    • Epoxy Resin Coated
    • Black outside & Brushed aluminium inside, or Brushed aluminium outside & Black inside
    • Code of distributor: Infinia 275.6 Black
    • Warranty: 
    • Dimensions: 183.6 x 72 x 60 cm
    • Capacity: 699L
    • Glass thickness: 19mm
    • Rim/rimless: Rimless
    • Stand included: Yes
      • Colour - Black
      • 183.6 x 72 x 96.5 cm
    • Accessories: Yes
      • Sump Filtration

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