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Waterbox Aquariums


Waterbox Clear Pro 6025 Aquarium - 152x64x55cm In Store Pick Up

Available in Black and Beige

What's Included

The CLEAR enables you to design a range of environments that support planted aquaria, hardscapes, and unique habitats for the home or office.

  • Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass
  • Laminated Plywood Cabinet
  • Includes Self-Leveling Mat

Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass

The use of licensed Starphire Ultra-Clear, low-iron glass on each side of the aquarium provides unparalleled clarity.

Straight-Edged Clear Silicone

Utilising a straight-edging technique, all silicone seams have exceptional strength and a clean appearance.

Self-Leveling Mat

Includes a pre-seated, self-leveling foam mat, which keeps your aquarium level on uneven surfaces and reduces tension on the glass.

Clear Pro 6025

  • Available in Black, Oak and Beige
  • 494 litres
  • 15mm Glass
  • 1536mm Long
  • 643mm Wide
  • 550mm High
  • Ultraclear low iron Starphire Glass

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