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Tunze CO2 Diffuser 7074.500

Tunze CO2 diffuser 7074.500 is a carbon dioxide distributor, used to increase dissolved CO2 levels in freshwater aquariums when little space is available.

It is attached to the aquarium edge, up to a glass thickness of 15 mm (1/2"), with a magnetic holder and ensures a distribution of up to four CO2 bubbles per second.

In the aquarium the diffuser operates as a “stand-alone” solution with a small submerged pump, which draws in the water and thoroughly mixes it with CO2.

The efficient diffuser ensures that no carbon dioxide is wasted.

The diffuser is suitable for freshwater aquariums up to 1,000 liters (264 US gal.). 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz), 5 W, cable 2 m (78.7 in.).


  • For Tanks up to 1000 litres
  • Uses just 5 watts
  • Up to 15mm Glass attachment