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Tunze 3000l/h Electronic Pump 1073.050

Tunze 3000l/h Electronic Pump 1073.050 adjustable 24v 1100lph - 3000lph

The TUNZE Silence recirculation pumps combine the advantages of modern and powerful universal pumps for saltwater and fresh-water aquariums.

The Silence electronic is a safety low voltage, speed-controlled recirculation pump. It can be used in any aquarium and features a new microprocessor-controlled motor, which makes it an “intelligent pump”

The electronic motor speed is adjusted to the pump load automatically, always searching for the optimum output/energy consumption ratio. Energy consumption is approx. 50% lower than of conventional pump motors. If the pump is blocked, it will be turned off immediately. Once the blockage has been removed, the pump will restart automatically after a delay of 20 seconds. It features a Fish Care function, which will cause a propeller rotation every 20 seconds if the pump is stopped.

It can be controlled by Multicontroller 7095, 7096 as well as Wavecontroller 7092.

Very silent operation, rotor with high-performance one-part magnet, with all-ceramic bearing. Very low energy consumption. Motor winding with protective thermostat. Adjustable output. Ergonomic design. 3/4“ NPT connectable to PVC fittings, such as for calcium reactors, filters, etc. Stable fit ensured by four integrated suction cups. Use in water or outside. In the production of these pumps, we have paid special attention to quality ensuring a low maintenance permanent operation for many years. They have been built in keeping with the strictest international safety standards.

Please note that The Tech Den are authorised sellers of Tunze items in Australia and we do not gray import Tunze.

This means when you purchase from us the item is backed by Tunze Australia and full warranty applies.




  • Flow rate at 18 V: 900 to 2,200 l/h

  • Flow rate at 24 V: 1,100 to 3,000 l/h

  • Hmax. at 18 V: 2.5 m

  • Hmax. at 24 V: 3.9 m

  • ¾" NPT hose barbs

  • Energy consumption at 18 V: max. 26 W

  • Energy consumption at 24 V: max. 43 W

  • Voltage / frequency: 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz

  • Cable length: 5 m

  • Dimensions without outlet and suction cups: 118 x 94 x 75 mm

  • 2 year warranty