Sera Air 550R Plus Air Pump

Sera Air 550R Plus Air Pump - 4 Connection for Air Hose

sera further developed their popular air pumps for aquariums and garden ponds: The three long lived models of the air plus range are smaller and more powerful than their predecessors. Furthermore, they help saving energy, as the revised versions consume up to 33 % less energy.

  • Pleasant, flat design
  • Improved, powerful membrane material allows for higher air pressure
  • Extremely quiet
  • Energy saving
  • Electronically adjustable
  • Vibration absorbing rubber feet
  • Four powerful independent membranes allow for higher air pressure
  • Easy membrane replacement
  • For air operated decoration elements, aquarium and pond devices
  • (e.g. sera internal filter)
  • For oxygen enrichment via an airstone
    (e.g. sera air Set)

    • Item No: ES330
    • Barcode: 4001942088169
    • Weight: 
    • Dimensions: 
    • Warranty: 
    • Suitable for:  
    • Outlets: Quad Outlet
    • Power / power per outlet: 550l/h
    • Power watts: 8w
    • Speed Control: Yes
    • Tank size: 
    • Max head height:
    • ES353 - Sera Air 550R/275R Plus Air Pump Diaphragm

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