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Pisces Emerald 500g Fighter Jewels gravel

Pisces Emerald 500g Fighter Jewels gravel

Pisces Fighter Jewels are made from glass with out the sharp edges but allows light to make your gravel look great showing off your fish.

Pisces Fighter Jewels.

Fighter Jewels are an amazing way to show off your magnificent Siamese Fighter Fish.

Pisces have a range of tumbled glass and are a magnificent way of adding colour and vitality to your display.

Fighter Jewels are completely safe for use in any aquarium and will have no effect on water chemistry.

Fighter Jewels can also be used to great effect in other small aquarium setups such as goldfish, guppies and more.

Mix and match different colours for personal custom look.

  • Beautifully tumbled recycled glass
  • Round and smooth
  • Superb eye-catching
  • pH neutral

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