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Oliver Knott 600g Iron Sand Concentrate - Colour Enhancer

Iron plays an important role in plants. By layering the Iron Sand Concentrate below the substrate helps bring out the rich colours of your plants, particularly red.

Iron Sand Concentrate

  • High in Iron
  • 100% Naturally
  • Australian Made

  • Aquarium Care from the professionals.

    Iron Sand Concentrate is collected from a remote tropical island off the coast of Australia.

    Rich in iron and titanium it was formed from volcanic eruptions that occurred in the Pleistocene epoch (ice age).

    The unique properties of this rare volcanic sand offer aquarium plants outstanding access to some of the most important minerals required for healthy growth. Namely, iron.

  • Unique Earth Mineral Enriching Plant Growth.
  • Essential Iron and Trace Elements
  • Collected under licence from Tropical Australia

  • Improve plant health Naturally.

  • Use under substrate during new tank setup
  • Excellence nutrient foundation for new plants
  • World Standard Mineral Composition
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