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JBL Fungol Plus 250 - Fungal Infections 200ml

JBL Fungol Plus 250 - Fungal Infections 200ml

JBL fungol Plus is a medication for the treatment of fungal infections in ornamental fish.

Instructions safety instructions 
  • Treats fungal infestation: whitish, cotton ball-like films on body and fins
  • Treats fungal infestation in freshwater aquarium fish

The visible fungal infestation is often a secondary infection which often results from a skin injury.

But often the primary causes are bacterial infections, which destroy the mucous membrane and the upper skin layers of the fish.

Content: 1 packet Fungol Plus 250.


component 1:

  • 1st day 10 ml/80 l water.
  • Add another full dose each on the 3rd + 5th day if necessary.

  • Component 2:
  • 7th day 10 ml/80 l.

  • Content:

  • 200 ml

  • Range:

  • 750 l

  • Product information

    About 90 % of all fish diseases can be put down to a weakening of the fish’s immune system.

    This means the application of remedies can fight the pathogen but doesn’t generally eliminate the cause.

    It is therefore very important to determine the cause.

    As soon as the first signs of disease become noticeable IMMEDIATE action is required.

    In most cases people wait too long.

    The growth of fungi and fungal infections are easily recognisable on fish with their cotton wool-like formations.

    By adding JBL Fungol Plus 250 fungal infections can quickly and reliably be combated.

    It is very important to start the treatment quickly because the fungus deposits poisonous metabolic products to the fish metabolism.

    This poisoning is the main problem. The fish can easily regenerate the destroyed fish skin and surrounding tissue during the healing process.

    The visible fungal growth is very often a secondary infection which, for example, is based on a skin injury.

    But just as often bacterial infections, which destroy the mucous membrane and upper skin layers of the fish, are found to be the primary cause.

    In such cases a combined treatment is advised:

    first JBL Fungol Plus 250 (component 1) against the fungal growth and afterwards a follow-up treatment of the bacterial infection with JBL Fungol Plus 250 (component 2).

    Fungal infection of the spawn:

    By adding JBL Fungol Plus 250 (component 2) a fungal infection of spawn can be prevented.

    Of course this is useless, if the eggs have not been fertilised.

    It often happens that two females spawn together (e.g. with angel fish and discus fish).

    Furthermore the water values need to be checked next to clutches affected by fungi, to what extent the fish eggs can develop at all with the available hardness, electrical conductivity and pH value.

    You also need to take care of the water hygiene.

  • JBL Fungol Plus 250 200 ml
  • Art. no.:1006300
  • EAN Code:4014162100634
  • Content:200 ml
  • Range:750 l
  • Volume packaging:0.530 l
  • Gross weight:288.000 g
  • Net weight:200 g
  • Weight factor:1000
  • Size(l/h/w):65/135/60 mm
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