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JBL Clean A 250ml - Glass Cleaner

JBL Clean A 250ml - Glass Cleaner

JBL Clean A - Glass cleaner for the outside of all aquarium panes. Gives a sparkling finish and removes lime scale

JBL Clean A


  • Freshwater
  • Marine
  • Reptiles
  • Turtles
  • Invertebrates

  • Clean aquarium panes:
  • powerful glass cleaner with pump spray head

  • Effortless cleaning:
  • Wet the glass pane with glass cleaner, dry it with soft lint-free cloth, if required, repeat the procedure
  • Dissolves most stubborn lime-scale, cleans with the power of nature
  • Safe for fish and plants

  • Contents:
  • glass cleaner for aquarium panes, CleanA

  • Product information

    Maintenance and cleaning

    Feed and plant remains and metabolic products pollute the aquarium water.

    Cleaning the tank and accessories and performing regular partial water changes take care of the dwellers and help you enjoy your aquarium more.

    The JBL Clean A even dissolves most stubborn lime-scale on the outside of all aquarium panes.

    Effortless cleaning

    Spray on pane and wipe it dry with a soft lint-free cloth.

    Repeat, if required. In case of lime deposits allow several minutes to soak in before wiping off the deposit.

    In case of lime scales over the water level in the aquarium spray directly on the cloth and wipe away the deposits.

    JBL Clean A 250 ml

  • Art. no.:6138500
  • EAN Code:4014162613851
  • Content:250 ml
  • Volume packaging:0.600 l
  • Gross weight:280.000 g
  • Net weight:250 g
  • Weight factor:1000
  • Size(l/h/w):55/155/55 mm

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