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JBL Aradol Plus 250 - Lice and Achorworm - 100ml - Treats 250 litres

JBL Aradol Plus 250 - Lice and Achorworm - 100ml - Treats 250 litres

JBL Aradol Plus 250 is a medication for the treatment of lice and anchor worm in ornamental fish.

JBL Aradol Plus 250

Instructions safety instructions

Combats carb lice, anchor worms, gill maggots and wood lice. Does not work under 18 °C

For the treatment of parasites on freshwater and marine fish. Not suitable for aquatic invertebrates!

The remedy does not kill the parasite but prevents it reproducing.

Pathogen then dies.

  • 1 package of Aradol Plus 250, 100 ml.
  • Suitable for aquariums of max. 500 l.
  • For repeated use for max. 250 l.

  • To use:
  • 1st day: 10 ml/50 l water.
  • 8th day: 50% water change.
  • 14th day: 10 ml/50 l water

  • selection:
  • Content: 100 ml
  • Range: 500 l

  • Product information

    About 90 % of all fish diseases can be put down to a weakening of the fish’s immune system.

    This means the application of remedies can fight the pathogen but doesn’t generally eliminate the cause.

    It is therefore very important to determine the cause.

    Lernaea, anchor worm, Copepodes:

    Although this parasite, which can grow to about 20 mm long, is termed a „worm“, it belongs to the genus of crustaceans.

    It tends to be found in ponds and less often in aquariums, but when this is the case it is on imported wild fish or offspring from field facilities.

    The juvenile stages of these parasites can survive for about 5 days without a host.

    With JBL Aradol Plus 250 (aquarium) and JBL ArguPond Plus (pond) it is simple, quick and safe to control.

    The infection with Lernaea crustaceans weakens the host fish and harbours the risk of a secondary fungal or bacterial infection.

    Please therefore observe the animals after treatment to check that the wounds are healing properly.

    The removal of the crab with tweezers is often recommended, but this is not advisable, as the head of the crab is deeply embedded in the fish and stays in the fish when part of the crab is torn off.

    This then results in poisoning from foreign protein.

    Carp louse, Argulus:

    The carp louse Argulus is easy to detect on affected fish. It is a parasite; it can grow up to more than one centimetre long, and has a round, flattened body.

    The carp louse belongs to the fish lice (brachiura) with about 70 crustacean species which live parasitically.

    They bore into the fish’s flesh to suck blood. Inflammations and infections can arise from the bite.

    If heavily infested, the fish will also lose weight.

    Carp lice occur primarily in ponds, but occasionally also in warm water aquarium fish, and when they do it is on imported wild fish or offspring from field facilities.

  • JBL Aradol Plus 250 100 ml
  • Art. no.:1007300
  • EAN Code:4014162100733
  • Content:100 ml
  • Range:500 l
  • Volume packaging:0.350 l
  • Gross weight:139.000 g
  • Net weight:102 g
  • Weight factor:1000
  • Size(l/h/w):40/135/60 mm
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