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Golden Tree


Golden Tree Aqua Soil Black 9 litres **

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Golden Tree is a Premium Aquasoil. Ideal for aquascapes and shrimp tanks. Golden Tree Aqua Soil is made from a mix of fertile volcanic ash, natural soil and clay rich in humic acids.  Golden Tree Aqua Soil contains a large amount of essential plant nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potasium and Phosphorous and trace element such as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese. The advanced production process yields a dry granule that is cleaner and harder than other substrates while maintaining maximum fertility. 
  • Highly Fertile
  • 100% All Natural raw materials
  • Ready to Use - No rinsing required
  • Safe for Shrimp tanks
  • Plant Growth
  • Rich in Minerals
  • Bio Filter
  • Freshwater Safe
  • Great for Shrimps
  • Fertiliser
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